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Financial Planning

Through smart platforms, free up your time and resources, identify opportunities for more profitable investments, keep your daily activities aligned with your overall objectives and increase profits through smarter planning.

Common problems:

  • Data: poor data integrity makes tasks such as accessing actuals or forecast scenarios extremely difficult
  • Lack of integrated planning tools: although there are numerous planning and budgeting solutions in the market, 93% of companies still rely on manual spreadsheets for financial planning and budgeting which leads to excessive time spent trying consolidate data and assessing data integrity.
  • Misalignments of budgeting, planning and resources: a lack of communication between departments of strategy and data has a detrimental impact on forecasting processes and strategic deliverables. Therefore, a centralised, streamlined solution is crucial.
  • Complying with regulatory requirements
  • Frequent reporting deadlines: financial planners must provide financial reports on a quarterly basis, therefore planning solutions are fundamental in providing flexibility of data, adaptability to current environment and real-time data for responsive decision making.

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